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Masthead showing parish logo, followed by photos of the two pubs and the church

Click for Parish Council Website A PDF version of the entire Millennium Book is available on request from the Parish Clerk (parish-clerk@berrickandroke.org.uk).


The Band was formed in 1882 in Berrick at Tanner Cottage, and it transferred to Roke whilst under Mr. Munday, when he took over the village shop. The Band plays at Fêtes, Concerts, Carol Concerts and Weddings - in fact anywhere it is asked to. Probably the most important feature is to teach children to read music and play an instrument which we loan them free of charge.
 The Band has been in continuous operation except for 1912.5 -1918 and again 1939 - 1945 during the two World Wars. At present (1999) it consists of a Full Brass Band, a Training Band, and a Swing Band (12 strong). The trustees are John Aldridge, Phill Coggins and Ray Hewett.
It rehearses in the Band Room, which has a wood frame clad in corrugated iron with galvanised coating. It has five main roof trusses which have the same cladding. It was built in 1923 for about £300, but it has now reached the end of its life, in so much as the walls are bowing outwards with the weight of the roof. Planning permission has been granted, and Building Regulations obtained, for a total rebuild. We already have well over half the fund required.

Ray Hewett
Bandmaster & Conductor for the last 29 years

  The Band at the Village Show