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Masthead showing parish logo, followed by photos of the two pubs and the church

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Well, that's the proper title, but it has always been, in my mind at least, St. Helen's Garden Party, for it has had that air of pleasure and informality since the first Fête in June, 1978. In the intervening 20 years, such a gathering of friends has taken place in Peter and Leo's garden at The Malt House every alternate year. There has been a variety of happenings on these occasions: Morris Dancers, hot air balloons, aerobatics demonstration etc.
We've also had a varied selection of guest "openers", from Weather Girl to Member of "The Archers" cast. A highlight was always the Fancy Dress Competition, won once by Adam and Eve, complete with fig leaves.
It seems mundane to refer to the fact that a major reason for the fun is to raise funds, but this is the case, and the Fête has never failed to fill the coffers beyond expectations.
The Incumbent, Church Wardens and P.C.C. thank all those people through the years who have worked so hard to make it happen, to the pleasure of all.
Chris Whittle