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Masthead showing parish logo, followed by photos of the two pubs and the church

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When the Village Hall Committee of 1986 organised the first inter-village rounders and cricket day, little did they know how much this contest of brawn, brilliance and bravado would capture the imagination of Berrick and Roke, continuing to this day as an annual event. While the afternoon is given over to men's cricket, the morning belongs to women and children, who to battle at rounders as ferociously (and with about as much preparation) as Bonnie Prince Charlie's army at Culloden.
In the first few years, the rounders match was a dedicated contest between Berrick Prior and The Rest of The World (the other three villages). Berrick Prior were a skilful, athletic bunch, whilst The Rest of The World's talents at times may have lain elsewhere. In other words, Berrick Prior often used to win convincingly.
However, to add to the fun and rivalry, the playing of many a wild card (in the form of press-ganged referees who aren't sure of the rules) and many a joker (in the form of rogue males brought in to make up the numbers) has rendered it a more open contest. The teams may no longer have their original identities, but the game continues to be played with great enthusiasm and enjoyment.

Monica Hyde
Sometime Captain of The-Rest-of-The-World