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Masthead showing parish logo, followed by photos of the two pubs and the church

Click for Parish Council Website A PDF version of the entire Millennium Book is available on request from the Parish Clerk (parish-clerk@berrickandroke.org.uk).


The Parish of Berrick and Roke is made up of four hamlets, Berrick Prior, Berrick Salome, Roke and Rokemarsh. Today we boast one church, St Helen's, two pubs, The Home Sweet Home and The Chequers, a Village Hall and a total of 125 houses. A small group of five parishioners forms the Berrick Salome and Roke Parish Council, which meets regularly, albeit infrequently, to represent the interests of the parishioners in local government matters being a system which has continued for centuries, as can be seen by the Minutes of the Berrick Salome Parish Meeting from 100 years ago later in the book.
Two years ago a group of parishioners felt that the Millennium should be celebrated, and so they formed a committee to create a record of how the village stood at the 2000 Anniversary, and to celebrate the event on New Year's Day. The compilation of this record is a masterful achievement, and is a testimony not only to the Millennium Committee but also to the community spirit that exists in the village.
Reading the entries you will see that there is a wide age range represented in our community, and, unlike the situation when Moreau described the village in the 1960s, we now have a lot of young children. Some villagers work locally and some commute out of the area; some have always lived in this area, and others have moved here in search of their rural idyll. Thanks must go to the foresight and energy of the Millennium Committee. To those who retrieve the time capsule, I hope this book will enable you to understand the character of this Parish at the turn of the second Millennium. Many thanks to everyone!

Christopher J. Kilduff Chairman, Parish Council December 1999

Rev. Ian Cohen blessing the Millennium Obelisk, 1st January 2000  
Rev. Ian Cohen blessing the Millennium Obelisk, 1st January 2000