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Masthead showing parish logo, followed by photos of the two pubs and the church

Next PC Meeting: Jul 14th

Councillors and Clerk

Function Name Tel.No Responsibilities Parish Area
Chair Ian Glyn 01865 891004 Neighbourhood Plan
Village Hall
RAF Benson Liaison
Berrick Prior
Berrick Salome up to the Millennium Triangle
Vice Chair Ellie Cross 01491 832177 Allotments, Benson Millstream Centre liaison Roke - Home Sweet Home side to, and including, Chapel Lane
Treasurer (RFO) Craig Tribe 07854 576005 Compliance (inc. GDPR)
Bridleways / footpaths warden liaison
Dog waste bins
Councillor David Bridgland 01865 400173 Thames Water liaison
Land drainage
Roke - from, but not including, Chapel Lane to Rokemarsh end of Roke
Councillor Mike Craven-Todd 07771 546321 Expressway
Police Liaison
Welcome Pack
Tree Planting
Berrick Salome from Millennium Triangle to Roke
Clerk Chris Cussens 01865 891197 Meeting agendas and minutes
Communications with parishioners

Declarations of Interest of the Councillors can be viewed on the SODC website.

Other councillors who provide help to the Parish Council and who attend our meetings are:-

- County Councillor Freddie van Mierlo

- District Councillor David Turner