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Masthead showing parish logo, followed by photos of the two pubs and the church

Next PC Meeting: Sep 8th

Coronavirus Help (As reported by the Parish Council March 14th 2000)

The Parish Council has considered what its response to the coronavirus covid-19 situation should be.

We see our role as directing parishioners to information and guidance from reputable government sources and encouraging people to continue with normal village life as much as possible within these guidelines.

In this respect the main government website to refer to can be viewed here.

See also NHS 111 Online.

Those of you with access to the internet may also wish to look at the community Facebook group "Friends and Residents of Berrick, Roke and Rokemarsh", although this is not a parish council group.

One of the merits of living in a close and tight village community is the spirit of friendship and co-operation that exists between friends and neighbours. The council hope that everyone will keep eyes and ears open for those that may require extra assistance.

We also want those who do require such extra assistance to know who to contact and to feel comfortable so doing.

Whilst the situation with coronavirus persists, the PC will make itself available, on an informal basis, to try coordinate the provision of this extra assistance where necessary and in extremis.

If assistance is required please use the Parish Clerk's email address or, if you do not have email facilities, call Ian Glyn on his personal mobile number 07831 635159 or landline 01865 8910041.

The PC will also continue to circulate relevant guidance from the authorities as it is received by us. This will mainly be by email. For those who do not have email or have not provided consent for the PC to use their email address, important information will be hand delivered.