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Masthead showing parish logo, followed by photos of the two pubs and the church

Next PC Meeting: Jul 14th

Berrick Salome Parish

The Parish is historically an agricultural community, comprising four settlements of Rokemarsh, Roke, Berrick Salome and Berrick Prior, totalling 129 properties in all. These are arranged in a triangle, with Rokemarsh (22 props) located at the southerly corner, Roke (41) at the south-east corner, and Berrick Prior (25) and Berrick Salome (42) at the northern corner.

We are located in central south Oxfordshire and connected by rural country lanes to Benson, Ewelme, Chalgrove and Newington. The open fields on the southern edge of The Parish give an extensive view over the Thames Valley to the long line of the Berkshire Downs, with the isolated chalk ridge of the Sinodun Hills crowned by Wittenham Clumps, as a focus in front of them. To the east, the foothills of the Chilterns can be seen. The Parish is approximately one mile from the River Thames.

The Parish has prepared their Neighbourhood Plan, which went to a referendum on Oct 24th 2019 when residents voted for its adoption. It has since been 'Made', signifying that it is fully approved by SODC. Its status can be viewed in the SODC Neighbourhood Planning map and the status description.

A full set of statistics relating to the Parish can be downloaded via the Oxfordshire Parish Profile Report.

New residents of the Parish are provided with a Welcome Pack, which helps them to settle into their new home and the wider community. Let us know if you are resident in the Parish and would like to be added to the email list. At the time of the Millennium, the villagers produced a 91 page "Millennium Book" which provided information about village activities and residents of the village. View the Millennium Book in a separate website.

The front cover of the Parish Welcome Pack