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Masthead showing parish logo, followed by photos of the two pubs and the church

Next PC Meeting: Jul 14th

Berrick Salome Quarry Charity

The village owns a piece of land on an old filled-in quarry on the B4009, adjacent to the turning to the Home Sweet Home. A rental income is paid into the Quarry Charity by Wilkinson′s Wood Yard, the business operating on this site. This is the charity′s only source of income other than a small amount of interest on any bank credit balances.

A small group of villagers, the Trustees of the Quarry Charity, administer this charity on behalf of the community; they are elected annually at the Annual Parish Meeting.

Under the terms of the Charity, villagers can apply for grants for things that will be of general benefit to the community of Berrick Salome, Berrick Prior, Roke and Rokemarsh.

Examples of grants awarded in the recent past have been new flooring in the Village Hall (Village Hall Committee), fencing around the swings (Parish Council) and repairs to the church car park (Parochial Church Council). Applications do not have to be made by an official body, however: a portable Public Address system was funded to enhance community functions, some cricket kit bought for the annual match, and a village tug-of-war rope purchased for fêtes etc.

The Quarry Charity welcomes grant applications, and anyone wishing to apply should contact one of the Trustees in the first instance. Anyone interested in becoming a Trustee should contact Abbie Clayton, and, should they wish to stand, their name will go forward at the next Annual Parish Meeting.

The current Trustees (2021-22) are:

  • Abbie Clayton (Treasurer and Acting Chair) abigail.clayton@getfeedback.net 077383 19200
  • Julie Bird
  • Monica Hyde
  • Ex-officio: Ian Glyn as Chair of the Parish Council

Any villager can apply for a grant for a costed project, improvement or piece of equipment which will benefit the population, or sections of the population, of Berrick Prior, Berrick Salome, Roke and Rokemarsh. Please contact Abigail, or any of the trustees to discuss a potential application and for further information on how to apply.